Everyone has reasons why they do something. I have three main whys and so many more small ones. For the purposes of this blog, I will explain the three big ones and we can grab a coffee some time and go over the others. My three biggest reasons for specializing in birth and family photography are my own kids, my desire to support families walking through the loss of their child and I thoroughly enjoy creating beautiful keepsakes that celebrate family moments and telling families stories.

Mother holding her newborn daughter just after she was born at UnityPoint Health in Sioux City, IA.

Why # 1 - My kids

I have six beautiful babies to hold in my arms and make memories with as they grow and maybe one day have babies of their own. I also have one baby who died just three days before his due date and was stillborn so unexpectedly it was such a blessing to have hired a photographer early in my pregnancy to take birth photos. Yes, that's right I have birthed 7 babies and they do keep me busy, but I love being their mom. I want to remember the little moments with them, walks to the park, reading the favorite book for the billionth time, snuggling on a Saturday. I want to remember their tiny toes and chubby fingers, their sweet dimples, and fuzzy red hair. I found that although my phone is extremely convenient they are always the photos I want to turn into art on my wall. Capturing the memories we make together is a huge why for me.

Infant onesie with a rainbow and the word "Hello" on it, laying in the hospital warmer waiting for the baby girl coming.

Why # 2 - Supporting Loss Families

So as you already know we as a family have walked through a loss and we continue to live life without our son, Amos. I can't tell you how hard it has been, but I was so blessed to have a dear friend that I hired to take my birth photos to come and take what I call HelloGoodbye photos. I have those photographs to look back on for the rest of my life. Now I have days I don't want to see them, but just knowing there are there for the days I want to remember what his hair looked like and how much he looked like his big brother. That is why I want to take photos for loss families. I want to be sure if there ever comes a day, even 80 years after their child's death, families can have the option to look at the photographs.

Why # 3 - Telling Families Stories

I have found that as much as I love documenting my own kids and supporting loss families, I love being invited into a family's life and capturing their moments, letting them live in the moment and experience their own memories. Then delivering beautiful keepsakes for them to treasure and share with loved ones. 

These three 'whys' are what drives me to learn and perfect my skills to provide Siouxland families with beautiful keepsakes that help to create their family legacy.

Let's get to work on your legacy!