The story of your photography

I specialize in Birth and Family Moments Photography. What does that mean? I have devoted myself to learning and perfecting the skills required to capture the moments you want to remember most in the world.

Why? I am a mom of 6 babies and 1 on the way, I know what it is to miss those moments and want to be sure you don't miss them. I want you to experience your life and I will capture those moments.

My second Why? My 5th child, our son Amos, was stillborn at 39 weeks and 4 days. I want to better my skills to provide families with photos of the only moments they will ever have with their little ones. Even if they never look at the images, knowing they have that option is everything to a family. God blessed us with an amazing photographer when we needed her most. The weight of those moments are not lost on me. 

Also, I'm a bit of a dork. I say things that sound better in my head and wish I could take them back. I love chocolate, a little bit of coffee with my flavor, and playing tag with my kids. I homeschool. I walk in the rain. Late in life I have become a bit of a Star Wars and Marvels nerd, and enjoy discussing both with my 15-year-old son. I can't wait to live on a farm with fainting goats, so I can surprise them and see them faint, but I promise I will love on my animals much more than I pick on them! Life is too short to not laugh.

Now that you know more about me, I'd LOVE to know more about you. Let's meet for coffee or tea and talk about you and your family's story.