hi. i'm michelle.

Family photographer Specializing in birth Photography.

When I’m not documenting family's legacies, I’m a mama to five babies to hold in my arms and one baby to hold in my heart. I also keep busy helping my husband, Richard with his many adventures as what I call a "Machine Doctor" - I haven't seen a machine he can't fix. I enjoy my days riding my bike, playing board games with my family, or meeting friends for a yummy coffee (more flavor than coffee, hehe) in our favorite local shop.

My Philosophy

Photography captures your Legacy

I believe every life has a story worth telling. I believe in living in the moment to create beautiful memories. I believe that photography that captures your life as you live it creates a legacy of not only treasured memories, but precious keepsakes to pass on to generations. This is where your story begins.

Want to know more of my story?

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Ways to Invest in Your Family's Legacy

Here's a simple list of services I offer. For more details on the services listed below click the service that interests you the most or if you would like, book a free interview with me to discuss your options and we can work together to find the service that best fits you needs.

Family Services

Volunteer Services

  • HelloGoodbye - Pregnancy and Infant Loss
  • Capturing Hope's - NICU

Additional Information

I also offer Gift Registries and Gift Cards, follow the links to learn more about those options. I have a facebook group you are welcome to join for rewards, contests and early bird specials. And lastly, many of my pages offer FAQs - some Questions are only one specific pages that pertain to that service, if you any reason you don't have the answers to your questions feel free to fill out a contact form, write me a message in the chat box to the right or book a free interview to talk things over.